Chapter 1 "The First Day" 17

As the bunnies settle down to sleep among the comfortable pillows, Alma walks up to her bed, falling more than sitting on it. Still humming a soft and peaceful lullaby, she shakes her head to cast out the dizziness that is always left behind after she taps into her reserves of power. Thankfully, the month is almost over and she will soon be able to rely on Guardia-supplied mana instead of draining herself like this.

Too tired to worry too much about it but still held and bound by years of nightly rituals, she stands up once more and changes into a light, silk nightgown. Her energy reserves now reaching their lower limit, she gets into bed without even taking the time to brush her hair.

As the goddess lays down to rest, the light in the orb dims into almost absolute darkness. In the shadowy cage, two eyes the color of a summer’s dawn glow in the dark.

...Uma ave feita de mito,                                       ...A bird made of myth,
Com as penas da cor do céu                               With feathers the color of the sky
Tingidas do azul restrito                                      Stained with a blue left only
Ao mais marítimo breu.                                       To the most maritime darkness. 
Os seus olhos fechados                                          Her closed eyes
Eram da cor da madrugada,                               Were the color of dawn,
Dois fachos animados                                             Two torches animated
Pelo brilho da alvorada.                                         By the glimmer of sunrise.
...                                                                                             ...
Que garras delgadas tinha,                                  Such delicate claws, she had,
Mais claras que ouro branco!                            Brighter than white gold!
Belas plumas de rainha                                          Beautiful plumes fit for a queen
Estendidas sobre o flanco,                                   Stretched over her flank, 
Cauda de rasto de estrela,                                     Her tail a star's flare,
Bico alvo de diamante,                                           Clear beak made of diamond,
Espargidos da luz que gela                                   Bathed in the freezing light
De um eterno luar distante...                             Of eternal distant moonlight...

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