Concept Sketches

These are some of the sketches we made when first imagining the city and our characters.


Some views of the Insula.

Sky's Guardia Dei badge. Well, at least the way mortals would see it... The black sphere in the center states that his origins are somewhere in the Fifth Ring

 Alma's Guardia Dei badge. Every god gets to wear a personalized badge provided it features a few standard components. The blue sphere of the Second Ring adds a touch of color to the silvery badge. 

Gwydion's shield, with the white stone of the First Ring. Along with the laurel crown and the old Urbia writing that translates into "Protect and Serve", it is one of the mandatory components of every Dei badge.

After a lot of thinking and toying with ideas, the Bunnies have finally decided on what the name of their bar should be. Here's their brand new sign!!

Concept art for Geryon, the gryphon.

One of the nagas protecting the Oracle, attuned to Sky's blood.

A second naga, attuned to Alma's soul.

The third naga, linked to Gwydion's magic.


  1. Woaaah... Who drew this?!

    1. I did, dear. :)
      We often use sketches such as these or pictures of actual, real places to help with description and action. We have some sketches of the Three Rats Guardia Station as well, but those need some tweaking before posting here.

      And it is always so very nice to get positive feedback on something we put our heart and soul into...

  2. I am not sure if the first actually posted correctly but what I said is that I think Sky's naga looks cool.