About us

OF GODS & BUNNIES is a multiple-author novel with no end in sight. Set in the Urbis Caelestis – the City of the Gods, a massive city covering a mountain floating in a sea of Chaos – the story follows gods and mortals in and around the Three Rats Guardia Station, a police station in one of the worst parts of the City, as they deal with crime, conspiracies, and daily life.

You can contact the authors via the Gods and Bunnies Council. Naturally, we welcome comments on the posts as well. (Comments are moderated to prevent spam.)

The background artwork is by Uchio Kazamasu, used with his kind permission. Please visit his website to see more of his fantastic landscapes.


  1. Since we began in April, we have kept to a schedule of three posts a week (at midnight GMT on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). However, due to real-life events, we're going to change to posting every Monday and Thursday, just for a little while. As you can imagine, editing on a five-author shared story can be a bit complex at times, and this will allow us all to keep up until this busy period passes.

    Chapter One will be finishing with part 17, and Chapter Two will begin to post the following week.

  2. Real life continues to make things busy for us, and Chapter 3, while coming along very well, is HUGE, and we're going to need to slow down once again in order to keep up the quality our readers know they can expect from us. Thus, we will be posting once a week, on Mondays, for the next few weeks. I hope we can return to twice a week or even to our peak speed of three times a week as soon as possible.

  3. Our good friend, fantasy author Ika Koeck, has posted a review of our story! Please take a look, and spread it around! http://ikakoeck.com/?p=144

  4. And this week concludes our first mini-story, "Enter the Beer God." Readers will be happy (we hope) to know that we are moving back to two posts a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, midnight GMT! We aim to get it back to three posts a week within a month! So that means our pre-chapter poem will post this Thursday, and the chapter will kick off in prose next Monday!