A estrada começa com um passo,                   The road begins with a step,
     Com um passo, começa a estrada                    With a step, the road begins.
     Vives a vida num traço                                            You live your life on a line
     Escrito no meio do Nada...                                    Written in the middle of nowhere....


  1. So what exactly is this? The Guardia motto? Something from Sky's past? Just something one of you wrote and you haven't quite worked out what it's for yet? If it says what it is already, please ignore this. I haven't read it all yet.

  2. Well, hi!

    This is a little prologue to the very beginning of the story. At the beginning and end of each chapter, you will find a little excerpt of poetry like this one which serves either as a little introduction to the feel and theme of the chapter or as a short cap to mark the end of the chapter, respectively.

    The Guardia's motto will come later and you will son find out about it. Just keep reading. :)