Ch4.19 Fatal Prophecy

With measured precision, his wings extend out, now providing resistance rather than lift and slowing his body to where the front paws, large and lion-shaped first touch, swiftly followed by the rear. The gallop, powerful yet graceful, is then reduced to a walk as he approaches the Annex door. A young female passerby plasters herself against the building in shock as she witnesses the great, flying beast perform the landing with immense grace.

“Sorry to frighten you, m’lady,” Geryon says politely, bowing his beaked head.  

The young woman’s eyes, wide with fear, stare intensely at the gryphon. Suddenly, she screams and runs in the opposite direction of Geryon’s arrival. Sighing, the morphed wizard’s leonine body slumps as he walks dejectedly towards the Annex’s doorway.  

Crossing the bar, Geryon keeps his eagle-visioned eyes alert for the two bartender Bunnies. Although their first meeting was more that he could have hoped for, his current form combined with their association with the Death Clan is sufficient for him to wish to avoid a second.  

Arriving at the kitchen, Geryon speaks the name of the one Dion lost and enters the pocket universe. Seeing no sign of the owner, Geryon strides over towards the desk, his steps muffled by his footpads. Looking atop it, he sees the folder Dion carried into the room before their departure. The folder has been moved and his sharp vision sees that notes have been written within.

“So, what’s all the secrecy, my friend?” Geryon says to himself as he carefully paws open the folder, reads the contents...and feels his heart sink.

Moments after Geryon closes the folder, Dion enters into the room. With their years together, Dion reads quickly the expression on the eagle-shaped face.

“You read the report,” Dion says flatly.

Geryon, eyes dazed with shock, turns to Dion. “Cherry. Merri. They can’t…” is all he can say.

“Inspector Sky is attempting to achieve just that. His arguments are quite persuasive. I’ve provided him some input to tune the report and he submitted it. Hopefully, that will sway the Council, along with a helpful response from my uncle.” Dion points to Geryon's satchel.

Geryon leans towards Dion, offering the envelope within, on which Dion can sense an enchanted seal. Taking the envelope, Dion runs one finger across the seal and feels the enchantment release. Removing the note, he begins to review it.

“I hope it is of use, my friend,” Geryon says as Dion is scanning the note. “I was unable to get to your uncle. I was intercepted by a functionary and put on hold until he returned with that note.”

Dion’s lips turn slightly downward as he finishes the note. “Sadly,” the god starts, “it is not as insightful as desired. My uncle wishes me well and then advises me to have patience as the Council’s will has yet to be finalized. Although he alludes to a plan, no mention of interceding on behalf of the Bunnies was mentioned.”

Setting the note on the desk, Dion adds, “I can only hope then that the Inspector’s arguments are sufficient...but for now, we wait.”

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