Ch3.58 The Pearl

Dion, now alone after Mayumi’s interruption and appropriation of Alma, ponders internally the Bunny’s plight, but is suddenly interrupted by Cherry’s nearby laughter. Turning, he sees the dark Bunny chatting with two of the Guardia Popula, both drinking from beers which, according to Dion’s trained senses, have been magically altered.
His curiosity piqued, he steps over towards the laughter.
“Well, hello there, Sergeant!” Cherry greets him with a salute as he approaches. “Ain’t this great? We get to be bartenders again!”
“I can see that you are in business here…” he says, pausing to look at the magical aura of the bottles, adding, “with magically enhanced ales.”
Aliyah and Sgt. Machado quickly look at their drinks with suspicious concern, but Dion’s small nod gives them needed assurance, and they continue their consumption.
“Oh, I just asked our new friend, Brew the beer god, to help improve the image of the place. Give the customers the best and they keep comin’!”
Dion looks over at the large god and whispers to himself, “Interesting magic…”
“Besides, we’re not in business quite yet,” Cherry corrects, breaking the god’s musings. “This here’s just a party, with a lot of folks just bringin’ their own and some extra beer for others. We’ll still need some start-up money and a good supplier. But we have hopes!”
“An' th' good sergeant is gaenta help us, is he no’?” another voice asks further down the bar. Dion looks to see Merri stepping over and joining the conversation. “We could sartainly use yer help. Bein’ a friend o’ th’ bar that ye are,” she adds.
Dion smiles slightly at the smaller Bunny, his reserved façade only slightly diminished. “I have some capital that I may be inclined to invest to help get this worthy establishment started. As for a good supplier,” the god starts, reaching into his pocket and retrieving the lost earring of a merchant’s daughter. “I may know of a merchant who may be of assistance here. I am seeing a relative of his fairly soon, and I’ll be happy to inquire on your behalf.”
Dion’s surprise at the joint squeal of glee from the Bunnies is quickly surpassed by the abrupt hugs he receives from the two as they reach over the bar and wrap their arms around him. After swift Bunny kisses to his cheeks, the two hold hands and dance on their side of the bar singing a song about owning a bar again.
Quickly ending their dance to return to bartending duties, Cherry returns to the two Guardia Popula as Merri turns back to Dion. “Thank ye, Dion,” she says.  Then looking at the pocket from which Dion retrieved the earring, she adds. “Och, it looks like yer jacket pocket has a tear in it.”
Noticing the tear for the first time, Dion sighs slightly. “Yes, it appears so. I must have received it from battling the eels. Sadly, this pocket seems to desire daily mending.”
Nodding to Merri, he then adds, “Allow me to address this little rent, and then I’ll see to your merchant issues.”  

The god steps away and glides towards headquarters, the most direct path to the merchant’s quarter.

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