a special announcement

Dear Readers,

Today is a very special day to us. One year ago, we officially launched Of Gods and Bunnies.

We had a shared idea, a dream, a story to tell. We didn’t know if anyone would read it. We didn’t know if it would be worth reading. But we believed in the characters, the setting, the story, and each other. We believed in ourselves. It was something we wanted to do, together, as friends, sharing this creative process, even if the only people we entertained turned out to be us.

But little by little, we attracted readers. And knowing that you’re out there has pushed us to strive to improve our writing, to go farther and deeper in our storytelling. When life gets busy and we just have no choice but to focus on other things, OGB is on our minds – Alma, Dion, Sky, May, Kyri, Jack, Sage, all banging away at the insides of our heads, wanting to speak, to act. They have become our close friends, our faithful companions, pulling our minds in strange new directions, more complex and real than we could ever have hoped for. And when the time comes, when the need to see them again, to know they are doing, becomes just too much to bear, and we get back into it, as we just recently did, it is hard to describe the joy of writing again, letting those voices out, together.

(A peek behind the scenes: We’re almost done with Chapter Four, and we think you’re going to love it. Stick around for the drama!)

It is extremely gratifying to hear from you, publicly in the comments or via private message, and to know that we are doing something that touches people. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, and please, if you know anyone who you think might enjoy this, turn them onto it. We can assure you that few things are better than sharing something you love with someone you care about.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. And here we are, still going strong. So whether you’ve been with us from early on, or whether this is the first OGB post you’ve read, we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. This has been an incredible journey and we truly do hope you will continue to join us as the paths and stories of our beloved mortals, gods and Bunnies unwind.

Until the next post...

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